WABI SABI alongside the Argyle


WABI SABI alongside the Argyle.

A breath - a river - a journey - a passing of time - a flow of luscious watercolours and gold ink interweaving between each other's paths. Gently guiding the natural flow with my brush (only in some places) to delight my own creative vision. A unique humble wabi-sabi style technique of imperfection, freedom and play. A collaboration between the flow of ink, paint and me!


Come to an inner-city location that everyone dreams about – Abbotsford. The Argyle on Johnston provides the ideal inner-city retreat to come home to. 

A beautiful collaboration between myself and Studio Caravan. Studio Caravan approached me to illustrate the inside covers of The Argyle's property guides. The rolling luscious flow of inks and watercolour art warm up the covers, don't you think? 

Deliverables. Illustration 
Medium. Watercolours, Gold Ink